Impeachment, History, and Our News Media

Not one person in the media has said the only thing that really matters.

The one important statement I have been looking for?

Ok. Brace for it.

Every President since Ronald Reagan has had to endure impeachment hearings.

I’ll let that hang a moment.

Barry Fucking Manilow

I immediately noticed how careful he was with his words. He was trying to get me to commit to going with him on this trip without disclosing what the actual task was. He was talking up the road trip because he knew how I loved to pile in the car and just set out on some kind of adventure. He was playing the free food angle.

Crawfish, New Orleans, SEO, and Aqua Velva

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting south Louisiana? I have. And let me begin by telling you that the shit they show you on TV is utter nonsense. Somehow, TV and movie people always manage to frame the southern part of Louisiana as this mysterious place of voodoo, romance, and fun. The ivy- and moss-covered buildings contain the promise of adventure. The cobblestoned streets are steeped in history. New Orleans, in particular, is painted with this generous brush.  

Those Behind The Depressed

Depression is responsible for their weight gain. Depression is the reason they didn’t get that promotion. Depression is why the fucking lawn isn’t mowed.

To these people, depression is their crutch. And they despise me, all while needing me, for not being as fucked up as they are.

Twitter Chicks

I am not entirely sure what happened. I’m not sure how I started down this road. But, seemingly overnight, my Twitter timeline has been taken over by out of shape, sassy, fucking half-clothed, white women with slutty tendencies, and massive chips on their shoulders.

Indie Writing and Lady Porn

Chad was out of shape. Simply put, he looked like a baby with chest hair. His sagging man tits and bulging gut already damp with sweat was not attractive. But what about this man’s supposedly massive member? His rock hard 4 ¾ inches of man flesh can only be described as pale, engorged disappointment.

Social Anxiety Disorder?

Well fucking DUH!!! That is everyone!  Right? “Fear of social performance where others may judge you!?!”

That is not a fucking disorder, that is called being human. Nervousness to the point of nausea is a perfectly normal reaction to being removed from our comfort zones! Nerves are another side effect of being human.

On The Topic Of Books

But what was covering the intercom box should have tipped me off that I was in for something different than the usual humdrum literature class.

An 8x10 lithograph of Joseph Stalin.

Got settled near the back corner, right next to Gene. Gene was a drummer in a fledgling rock band. He had long hair and wore Megadeath shirts exclusively. In other words, Gene was cool.

Wanna Be A Guest Contributor???

You have to be a piece of shit. ***chuckles to self while typing*** What I mean by that is, it has to be real. Your sensitive, caring mommy blogger is a real person, with real emotions and real annoyances. And while the mommy blogger cannot jump on her blog and scream shit like “fuck the fucking DMV and all of the high school dropout motherfuckers who work there”...she can here.