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The Wall

The Wall

Blog. What a shitty name for something so cool.

Blog. Who the hell came up with that name? I Googled “origin of the word blog” to no result. But, that clown is going on my TARDIS list.

See, I have a list of things I would be required by the universe to do upon receipt of a TARDIS. I will refrain from boring you with the entire list, but suffice it to say, it’s quite long.

Anyway though, tracking down and holding accountable the person who coined the term “blog” would be near the top of the TARDIS list. Right below “viciously murder the person who invented the frosted glass cutting board.”

Oh, I’m sorry. If should have mentioned somewhere on the page before you got into the posts that this is not one of those touchy-feely, happy-go-lucky, fucking nicey-nice, think-only-good-thoughts, legitimately-wish-the-best-for-people fucking blogs.

There’s that word Shitty. Its like Grits.

Grits are delicious, but the word is too close to “Guts” so people naturally avoid.

Shitty name, great item. 

I digress.

I am sitting here on day 26 of the partial government shutdown. And honestly, I am torn. Flipping between CNN and FOX News. This shutdown has me all twisted up.

If you ask a democrat they will say the issue is that the President is holding the government hostage over funding for a border wall. The narrative is that President Trump has shut down the government over failed delivery on a campaign promise.

Here's the thing though. Initially, the President agreed! The President said he has shut down the government over funding for the border wall. Then he began shifting blame to Democrats over their unwillingness to entertain conversation over $5 billion needed for wall funding. Insert one Primetime impassioned plea and positioning statement meant to sell the American public on the need for the wall, and you're pretty much up to speed.

The stalemate though is the upsetting part.

The two real sides of the debate aren't talking.

Notice how I used the world “real.” The real sides in this debate are the Democratic leadership on one side and President Trump on the other. NOT the Republican legislators or party leadership.

They're just along for the ride. They're either supportive or not and it doesn't seem to matter to The President. He is perfectly content to take on this issue alone.

And therein lies the problem. The Democrats have bowed their backs and are standing in front of the TV cameras with heads held high. Why? Because they believe they have the political high ground. Trump overplayed his hand. He took unilateral action. And worse, he accepted responsibility. Those are no-no's in the world of Washington politics.

Taking a stand. Accepting responsibility. Overplaying a hand. These things are to be avoided at all costs in their world.

So, in their minds they're winning. They have him on the ropes. They have the moral AND political high ground. And now they're just waiting for him to fold.

Buuuuut, he isn't playing politics. He doesn't know how. He is doing what a CEO does. Because, you understand, he is the CEO. In his mind he is the chief executive officer of the United States of America. And a CEO leads a company through troubled waters with CERTAINTY and autocratic rigor.

Want proof of my theory on President Trump's leading mentality?

The Cabinet

A President surrounds himself with cabinet members who are subject matter experts with similar political leanings. They're trusted to run their in shop and expected to deviate to a degree publicly as well as privately. They're consulting SME's whose opinions are considered the highest authority.

Conversely, a CEO surrounds himself/herself with subordinates who assist in the carrying out of the mandated vision and direction of the company. Who mandates the vision? The CEO. And if a subordinate doesn't align publicly and privately with the CEO they find themselves out of a job. Why? Because in the boardroom there is no room for conflicting visions.

Now, which one of those descriptions feels the most familiar at the moment in regard to Mr. Trump's Cabinet?

Another example? Ok. The meeting between Democratic leaders and President Trump the day after the “selling the wall” address.

Politicians will sit at a table and disagree on literally everything. They will speak and talk and gab and categorically disagree on every line item of the agenda. And they will do it for hours...or at least for an appropriate amount of time. The business of government. Showing the American people that their leaders are working tirelessly to find a common ground. The word would be compromise. That’s what they’re trying for. In a lot of ways, compromise is the currency of the Washington. Compromise is how the nation’s business gets done.

However, that is not how the business world’s business gets done. Mergers do not happen unless there is categorical alignment. Deals do not happen unless both sides are getting what they want out of the arrangement. Neither side takes less. Both sides profit from the deal. And both sides are willing to get up and walk away the moment the meeting becomes unproductive.

Trump walks into the meeting. Schumer and Pelosi are already there. Assorted staff and minions surrounding. The President asks if they’re willing to talk about funding the border wall. Pelosi says she is not. The President gets up and leaves.

Stark outrage by the Speaker. She expresses outrage immediately upon seeing the press outside the White House. All major news outlets relay that shock. The words used are “unprofessional, abrupt, insulting.”

And in all honesty, its true. He was rude and insulting. But people!! We elected Donald Trump! Of course he walked in, asked if the item important to him was on the table. He was told it wasn’t, so he left.

Business mentality meets political process. The only thing he wants is the Wall. If he is not going to have a conversation about the wall he is not going to attend the meeting.

He doesn't care about the political high ground. He doesn't care about his party's support. He doesn't care about this fucking shutdown. He is a CEO operating with absolute certainty that his vision is the way ahead. And just like any successful CEO, he is willing to go it alone. Wagering his future on his gut. If/when his vision proves to be the correct one, he will look at his staff and say “This is why I am the fucking CEO. Stop fighting me.”

THAT is what is at the center of this debate. It's not ideology. It's time-honored political acumen versus top tier business balls.

Which side gives in or breaks first though? I have no fucking idea. And that's why it's scary. They aren't talking because each side thinks they have the other on the ropes. But, I believe that The President has the upper hand. He knows that Congress will play hell getting a bill to end the shutdown through the Senate. He knows that Congress does not have the votes to override the veto he slaps on any bill that does not include wall funding. He has the ability to declare a state of emergency and have the military fund and construct the wall. And, he knows that it will take some enormous scandal to have him removed from office.

Rumblings of impeachment. Good luck with that, Congress. History is not on your side.

The Easy Button is to build the fucking wall. Anyone who is not insane can see, in a moment of honesty, that we need a fucking wall.  Hell a decent fence would work. Building the wall is literally the only way to get this government funded and things back on track.  

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